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Barbie Spy Squad Academy

Barbie Spy Squad Academy game It's now free on!
In today's episode, Barbie invites you on an incredible adventure that will assist you in becoming a real spy and saving the planet. Barbie lived an everyday life just a few days ago, attending college and participating in gymnastics with her best friends, Teresa and Ranee. When the girls were looking for a great place to picnic one day, they came across a secret location and their beloved aunt, who appeared very special. It turns out that the precious gems that were supposed to be discovered have vanished. Barbie and her friends will be assigned a top-secret mission by the head of the spy organization, which will require them to locate all of the precious stones while keeping their identities hidden from the rest of the world. The girls agreed, and now they must train to be real spies with the ability to accomplish great things. But first and foremost, they must undergo training at the espionage academy. Barbie and her friends desperately need your assistance to achieve this barbie game for free.

About Barbie Spy Squad Academy?
To succeed in the game Barbie Spy Academy, you must train all three main characters to be real spies. The barbie game online will be divided into three stages, the first of which is Moto Race, in which you must drive along the track and collect gems while attempting to avoid all obstacles in your way. The second stage is Adventure, in which you must explore the world and collect treasures. It is necessary to proceed through the building, which is riddled with laser traps and robotic opponents who do not like you to be able to pass by the stolen main piece of jewelry. However, in this barbie game bike the third stage game, you must decipher a code that will assist you in stopping the kidnappers and retrieving all of the gems. Please note that you must go through each girl's stage to learn the heroine's spy tricks; otherwise, you will never understand them. Try not to draw attention to yourself and avoid falling prey to traps because that is precisely what real spies do. You must go through the training process with all three heroines to turn them into real spies.
Get past the enemy's defenses and into their territory!
Our next task in this barbie game free will be to locate and recover the crystal gem stolen from our Academy earlier this year. Keep in mind that no one has completed this task to date. In the Laser sneaking mission, you'll have to sneak past robot guards and survive a twisted maze of laser points to complete the job. Navigate through the enemy's unit with the arrow keys, and use the Up arrow key to climb to higher ground. To sneak into the enemy's headquarters, it is necessary to remember two specific maneuvers. To make them active, press the two buttons on the right-hand side of the display screen. Using the first, you can get past the laser points, while using the second will make you invisible for a few seconds.
Tips And Tricks In Barbie Spy Squad Academy!
If you want to get past the lasers, you can do so by waiting for them to turn off now and then and then running through the gates quickly. Failure to avoid the traps will result in the loss of your life. You're doomed to failure if you run out of stamina before reaching the gem. Will you be the one to bring this quest to a successful conclusion?
Find a way to get the robot to safety by navigating the maze.
Finally, but certainly not least, in the Code cracking mission, you will be tasked with ensuring that a robot returns safely to its base. You'll need to connect the tiles to create a path that leads from the green start space to the blue finish space. To rotate and change the orientation of a purple tile, click on it. When a purple pipe is in the proper position, it will automatically lock into place.
Be as quick as possible!
The robot may move to a tile that is not connected to another, and the puzzle will be reset. You've completed all three missions and recovered the gems taken from you. You did an excellent job! Complete the training with each character to bring the team back together and earn a remarkable achievement!
Controls in Barbie Spy Squad Academy!
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To move use the Arrow keys and the spacebar for Action/Jumps.
On mobile devices tap on the screen devices that indicated the game controls to play the game.

Type                           Html5 
Mobile Mode             Yes   
Mobile ready             Yes   
Platform                     PC, Web browser, and on all mobile devices.
HTTP Ready               Yes
Genre                          GirlsDress upMakeup, Celebrity, Disney, Barbie, Bikes, Action, Adventure, GAMES, UnblockedDisney XD, Mobile, Html5.
Game Features:
Great Optimized vibrant colors!
Different mission to complete.
You have three options to complete each mission by a selection of the three candidates from Barbie, Teresa, and Ranee.
Simple controls and detailed game instructions.
The game will run on any device's browser and mobile.
HTTPS ready.
Full-screen mode is available.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Barbie Spy Squad Academy
It's a fun barbie game adventure with our cute Barbie icon, so play along with her and her friends at the house here on! The Barbie Spy Squad Academy game can be played for free online but also on mobile devices, tablets, and iPhones, been developed with html5 technology. If you enjoyed this game for girls make sure you try other barbie games pc from our website.

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Barbie Spy Squad Academy online here on

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