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Cookie Clicker Save The World

Play Cookie Clicker Save the World the game online for free on which is one of our selected idle games classified in our clicker game category offered here on our website. Start playing this fun combination of the world-saving game with cookies where you must click the round cookie to generate more cookies and save the earth. The purpose of this idle cookie clicker game is to raise an understanding of how mankind influences the environment. And to help our families and friends understand about climate change, but more importantly for our children to help and in what way to look after the environment. With more than 400 achievements for cookie clicker, daily bonuses, powerups, boosters, offline cookie mining, and evolution boosts all of these will lead in a fun-addicting daily point and click awesome game. Do your best by learning hacks for cookie clicker and cook as many cookies to reverse climate change and global warming. Build modified-upgraded buildings to help reduce carbon dioxide levels. To furder more help the world connect with Facebook and invite friends while challengeing their score in the leaderboard. Have fun and come up with the best cookie clicker strategy to stay in front of the other player and also, explore and play the other similar version of the cool math cookie clicker games like Cookie Clicker and Cookie Clicker 2. Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
The game was released in September 2017 (Android and iOS)
November 2017 a html5 version was released. The last update to the game was  in April 2020
Developer    DrMop
Platform     PC- Web browser, Facebook, Android, and iSO.
Genre         Idle, Clicker, and Incremental
Modes       HTTPS ready, The web browser version of the game is not compatible with mobile web browsers, please go to and download the free mobile version.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3
Latest Updates
Version 1.16 - What’s New date 13 Nov 2017
- Included 5th multi-evolution unlock at evolution 4, 6th at evolution 15
- Included slots bandit mini-game, unlocks at 10 cookies/sec, awards huge amounts of cookies that scale with evolution and cps
- Included hi-lo card mini-game, unlocks at evolution 5, available every 12 hours, awards coins
- Attached cookie match mini-game, unlocks at evolution 8, available every 8 hours, awards coins and cookies
- Included cookie munch mini-game, unlocks at evolution 12, available every 8 hours, awards coins and cookies
- Attached granny pole dancing training mini-game, unlocks at evolution 20 and can be used every 8 hours, generates coins.
- Hi-lo game now available every 12 hours
- Included 8 new achievements
-And many smaller updates to keep the game lasting as much as possible.

  • Simple and very addictive auto incremental upgrade style gameplay
  • Bake cookies by clicking on the cookie moon, use cookies to purchase items and buildings that help the climate and produce more cookies.
  • Use cookies to buy over 200 upgrades and mods to speed up carbon reduction and cookie production.
  • Unblock over 400 achievements
  • Use powerups to speed cookie cooking production.
  • Evolve your cookie mastery to gain extra benefits and unlock new minigame boosters. It also supports multi-Evo, evolves up to 4 times in one go, and saves massive amounts of cookies.
  • Attached bonus rewards and daily bonus mini-games.
  • Login with Facebook, invite friends, share progress, compete with friends in the cookie master Leaderboards, and send cookie boost mini-game gifts to friends.
  • Offline cookie cooking, play even whilst you are away.
  • Random blessings boost your play.
  • Deal with random curses such as striking workers, maintenance shutdowns, and more.
  • Endless addicting play
  • Backup, restore and transfer game data between devices including desktop
  • Supported on both phone and tablet.
  • No wifi? Don’t worry, play Cookie Clicker Save the World anytime, anywhere
  • Raising awareness of how mankind affects the environment.

Play Cookie Clicker Save the World Game Unblocked -
Here on, you can play for free directly in your browser Cookie Clicker Save the World unblocked. We make sure to keep the games unblocked if you want to play them even from schools, libraries, and other location that restricts the access to the games. Enjoy the game. Also, here on our website, you can play cookie clicker hacked and also, learn the best hacks for cookie clicker.

More Information About Stock Car Hero
Enjoy this fun cookie clicker auto clicker directly in your browser freely on Cookie Clicker Save the World it's a cool math cookie clicker game developed with html5 technology. This will allow it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Have fun and explore other awesome cookie clicker upgrades online to have a blast clicking until you brake that mouse.
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips and Youtube Game-play of Cookie Clicker Save the World online here on And even learn some hacks for cookie clicker.

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This game was added in April 11, 2020 and it was played 6.2k times since then. Cookie Clicker Save The World is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 4.00 / 5 de 44 votos. BrightestGames brings you the latest and best games without download requirements, delivering a fun gaming experience for all devices like computers, mobile phones, also tablets. For more enjoyment, don't forget to check our Newest Games and Most Played Games categories, where you will find Top Quality free online games for all ages!

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