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Cyberpunk: Resistance

Here is Cyberpunk: Resistance online game, you can play it unblocked now on BrightestGames!
The recent trend in Night City has shown an increase in criminal activity, and as a result, there is a pressing need to take action. As the head of the police department, you must battle with the heads of the many criminal gangs and bring them under control. You will be accompanied by several cybernetic beings who have received specialized training. They have no concept of fear and are willing to lay down their lives for the greater good. You will shoot with new blasters, which your opponents will not have access to. Please don't be hesitant, and let's get ready to launch the onslaught together!

How To Play Cyberpunk: Resistance?
The battles will take place on the top floors of very tall office buildings. Be careful; your adversaries have good aim with their weapons. Having fun on the roof is possible without putting too much risk on yourself. You might also choose a more risky strategy by playing close to your opponent. Always watch your life bar and try your best to avoid running out of it. Your objective is to emerge victorious over all of your foes and complete each level. If you are victorious, you will receive money as a prize, which you may use to purchase or upgrade weaponry, and a jetpack. You will maintain more opportunities to win the competition if you use a jetpack. In addition, you can improve Steve and Frankie, who are your allies. We hope you like the game and have a lot of success!

Tips And Tricks in Cyberpunk: Resistance?
Only one thing matters in this future and the dismal world: making it through alive. You have no choice but to exert every ounce of effort at your disposal to ensure you never fail to return from the perilous missions you are assigned. You will frequently find yourself surrounded by opponents who fire at you from all directions as they attempt to kill you. Put some thought into it, and you'll figure something out! Find some cover, get out of sight, and wait for the right moment to fire back! Are you supplied with the aptitudes necessary to live in this treacherous world? 

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