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Drink Master

Drink Master game it's now free and unblocked on all devices on BrightestGames!
Have you ever entertained the notion of working behind the bar? Also, have you ever been curious about how various cocktails and drinks are served in their respective glasses? Do you always use a perfect glass when pouring different drinks into it? The Drink Master Game was explicitly designed for people like you! Develop into a true master of the most delectable and unique beverages. Put on a show for everyone that you can make the most delicious drink possible by pouring the liqueur into several balls and placing them along the designated edge.
Additionally, do not overlook the necessity of including ice cubes and the other components. We have put in a lot of effort, and we have prepared a lot of levels for you. Across all of these levels, you will be mixing fantastic cocktails, and the level of difficulty of these levels will continue to increase! You will become an actual drinks expert if you use the appropriate beverages, serve them from coloured bottles, and add ice cubes.
What is Drink Master?
The summer arrived, and there was a young man. Thomas was able to secure employment as a bartender in a local cafe. In the game Drink Master, you will assist the hero in providing service to the patrons. You will notice that there is a bar in front of you on the screen and that on the bar, there is a glass. You will discover a dotted line inside of it. It indicates that you will need to pour the drink into a glass before reaching this line of text. Take a close look at what's on the screen.
You'll notice a hand holding a drink bottle just above the glass attached. You will need to tilt the bottle to face the mirror so that the liquid can flow out of the bottle. You will have to stop pouring the drink once it reaches the line in the middle of the glass. If you have done everything correctly, the glass will be filled, and you will receive points for it if you give it to the customer. If you have not done everything correctly, the glass will remain empty.
Tips about Drink Master?
This game requires very little skill, but it can be pretty addicting! It allows you to mix drinks of varying colours to create incredibly refreshing compositions! Your imagination has no limits, so why not try mixing beer with juice? No problem! Your mission is to perfectly combine the drinks within the time limit that has been set.
Principal Attributes
We have prepared many levels, and in each one, you will be tasked with preparing delicious cocktails, the difficulty of which will steadily increase throughout the game! You'll look like a real pro behind the bar if you use the right combination of drinks, served from brightly coloured bottles with ice cubes (and not just some everyday bartender).
Despite its ease of play, this extremely straightforward game is highly addicting and allows you to combine drinks of varying hues to create incredibly refreshing compositions. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild; how about mixing beer with beer? Your mission is to mix drinks while staying within the time limit perfectly!

First release
        On Sep 25, 2018
Release Date       On on Tuesday, May 24 2022
Updated On         31 May 2022 on

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Platform               PC, Web browser and also on mobile devices.
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Gender                  Cooking, Girls, Learning, Kids, Mobile, Brain, Puzzle, Thinking, Combine, Matching, Unblocked.
Drink Master

Simplicity Games developed the Drink Master game. But you can play the game online for free on
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Everyone, Pegi 3
More Information about Drink Master
Have fun in this learn to create the best drinks game simulator online where you can make the most dazzling combinations. The Drink Master it's developed with html5 technology, which allows the game to work in all browsers and on some mobile devices. If you like playing this game, you can have fun with another ice cream, cooking and bartender games here on our website!

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