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Galaxy Defender Elite 3D

Here is the online Galaxy Defender Elite 3D game; you can play it free and unblocked on BrightestGames!
Join a fun space game where you play the role of a fighter pilot in Elite Galactic Defender. Your mission is to eliminate extraterrestrial invaders before they can take over Earth. To clear the solar system of a species of hostile humanoids intending to enslave humanity, you must be prepared for risky excursions in deep space. Take on whole enemy fleets by yourself and destroy them before they can cause any further damage to the universe. Everything that takes place from this point on is solely dependent on you.

What is Galaxy Defender Elite 3D?
The protagonist of Galaxy Defender Elite 3D is a space fighter pilot who serves the Earthly star fleet. Today, our idol will have to go to several other worlds and battle various extraterrestrial life forms. At this moment, one of the planets whose atmosphere you can see on the screen is being traversed by your ship as it travels through. It appears that the hostile fleet will be heading in his way. To bring your boat into enemy planes' line of fire, you must maneuver it skilfully. When you are prepared, you should begin firing at individuals. In Galaxy Defender Elite 3D, if you have good aim, you can earn rewards by destroying enemy ships and advancing through the ranks.

Tips And Tricks in Galaxy Defender Elite 3D?
In the campaign mode, there are many exciting levels to play, and to go on to the next one; you will need to eliminate all of your enemies. It would help if you didn't neglect the many auxiliary power-ups that you may collect since they will momentarily increase your firepower. If your shuttle experiences damage, the first aid kit will allow you to restore the hull resistance scale so that it can continue to function normally. Avoid all of the potential dangers that may be encountered along the route, including the energy barriers and the asteroids. Conquer giant creatures and set new standards for your greatness in performance! 

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