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Play free meeep io games online for free on which is one of our selected games of io categorized in our game. Join the adventure online in a nice moe io kids game called Mopeio. That is an open world, .io multiplayer online game in which you control a little animal in a fun platform world making its way to the top of the food chain. Mopeio can be played directly in your browser here on So have fun with his epic fun to play io games with friends while eating food and players to grow, also drink water to stay alive. Grow into a beast and dominate the playground area and have a blast online with the newest .io game online. There are new updates available in the new patch like ''skins'' they just added 59 brand new skins that you can buy in the new mope shop. Play the game and earn points if you have the ad blocker disabled.  If you really enjoy this game and you consider being a fan you can invest some money in skins, I mean real money to support the game development and the team. If you have a favorite skin that you only like playing with it! now you can buy the gold version of the skins and other cool redesigns. It is important to know that skins are only cosmetics and don't give to the playing players any advantages. Only the exception of looking awesome and great! Other cool updates and new features of this mope ioo game are new HD art for most animals. New dangerous disasters like Tsunami, Volcano, Eruption, Tornados, Storms, and Waves. The powerful new added Snowman is an Apex animal and comes with a 1/2000 rarity and can be bought from the shop as well. If you enjoy this type of .io games survival animal game make sure you check other similar .io games like, BrutalMania.ioBlocker, and Good luck and have fun online with this game meeep io and other similar battle royale games.
Release Date
September 2019.
Mopeio was developed by Stan Tatarnykov. But you can play the game online for free on
Desktop + mobile, iOS, Android. Web browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.
Content rating
Teen, Pegi 6
  • Enjoy a nice top view animal survival .io game from the year 2019.
  • A lot of animal characters available in the game.
  • Simple but nice colored graphics.
  • Playable in full screen.
  • Eat food and players to grow, drink water to stay alive.
  • A lot of skins available, the possibility to buy your favorite skin in gold.
  • Added events that are known as disasters like Tsunami, Volcano, Eruption and more cool stuff to keep you guys busy.
  • Constantly updated, fixing bugs, balancing stuff in the game.
  • Easy and fun to play.

More Information About 
Have fun online with an epic .io animal games unblocked at school from the year 2019. Mopeio it's developed with HTML5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Enjoyed these awesome io games for free online and have a blast with this battle royale crazy ame. Also, when searching for this game online you may find similar search like mope, mopeio, mope ioo, mope ui.

Tips and Tricks to know
-It is good to know about ''Volcanic Eruption'' that erupts, shake and throw fireballs, also split the lava balls which turns into Lavalakes. The Lavalakes will stay active between 5 and 10 minutes.
-The ''Snowstorm'' is generated in the artic area and it will be distinguished by giant clouds that move and create snow. The snow caused by the clouds will freeze the non-artic animals.
-The ''Tsunami'' is generated in each ocean and will wash out the foot animals, but the ocean animals ca dive and escape.
-The ''Rainstorm'' it's generated on land where a giant cloud will moe and create rainfalls.
-The ''Duststorm'' normally it's generated in the desert and it creates sand waves that will slow down the animal's movement speed.
-The ''Heatwave'' it's generated in the desert and will create a heatwave that will buns the animals and push foot/animals away gently.
-The ''Tornados'' each biome cand create a tornado that will suck in food and animals. But the animals can escape if they keep boosting, or hide between holes and in water.

Updates that are good to know about the game
-besides massive updates on the graphical and skins, now with more than 80 skins.
-The possibilities to buy special skins and help the development of the game.
-If you have a favorite skin with some money you can customize it with awesome designs even make is shine in gold.
-To make the game even more exciting new disaster events added like Tsunami, Volcano Eruption, Tornados Storms, and Waves. 
-Different types of storms like snowstorms, cold-storm, rainstorms, duststorms, heatwaves, and many more dangerous disaster waves.
-It is good to know that each disaster happens rarely, Tsunami and volcanic eruptions are very rare.
-A lot of balancing, bugs fixed, nerfs and buffs.
-Removed the ad's video so you can get back into the game fast after you have died.
-Fixed other bugs for spawning, issues with foot/water and the mouse. The ducks walking on hills after getting hurt.
-And a lot of interesting bugs like growing speed, water bomb,  bite damage, sweat duration, golden eagle rarity.
-Trex shaking damage, komodo dragon, damage for the diving animals and more!!!
More information about the Mopeio game
If you want more information about the game, or have any questions you can check the fandom wiki of mope io or go to the official Reddit page where you find the latest topics, updates, and discussions about the game and the future patches. 
Make sure you check the video instruction, tips and Youtube Game-play of for free on

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