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Planet Crafter Simulator

Here is an online version of the Planet Crafter Simulator game; you can play it for free unblocked on BrightestGames right now!
Planet Crafter Simulator is a game in which the player undertakes the challenging goal of colonizing a distant planet to make it habitable for humanity. Various minerals, crystals, and other resources you'll need to construct your base can be found if you explore the vast arid landscape. 
You have been dispatched to a dangerous planet with one explicit directive: make it human habitable. To geo-engineer a planet, you'll need first to live, collect resources, develop your base, and create machinery to generate enough heat and oxygen for the planet's atmosphere. Sand and rocks are the only things visible from a long distance. 

What is Planet Crafter Simulator?

As you can notice, there isn't much of anything, including air, water, or food, so you should move quickly to secure supplies. Explore the dunes with your vehicle, stopping to pick up any valuable items you find. Check out the crafting menu to learn how to get started and what materials you need. Starting construction sooner rather than later is preferable. Before venturing on an exploratory mission, be sure you have enough oxygen.

How To Play Planet Crafter Simulator?
Open the task panel to see the current mission's objective and gather supplies. Tools and a meagre supply of food will be in your inventory. To get across the area fast, rent a vehicle with all the necessary equipment. Staying in the car will conserve energy, so shorten your commute if possible—Monitor suit-specific vitals, including oxygen levels, hunger, and thirst. The first step is constructing generators capable of transforming solar energy into electricity. Build a greenhouse, and you'll have a place to cultivate various crops, including tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and more. Don't overlook the need for a refrigerator to keep all your perishables.

Tips and tricks in Planet Crafter Simulator?
Maintain, Accumulate, and Construct. 
To ensure your continued existence:

  1. Amass minerals and resources.
  2. Construct every piece of equipment that will be needed to complete your objective.
  3. Discover a world of secrets as you investigate abandoned spaceships and ruined structures.

Create your home base.

To call this planet home and start a new life here, you will require a strong base and an assortment of different machinery. 

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