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Scar Pubg

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If you are a big fan of the famous multiplayer battle royale games like Fornite or PUBG and you are looking to have a blast online competing for survival and supremacy or to be the last man standing. Then here on, we have prepared this third-person shooter called Scar Pubg. Start playing this scar game, customize the player appearance from dozens of cool features like heats with a gas mask, hat, joben, hunting hat. You can leave your player naked wearing only shorts or you can choose for his different types of clothes like shirts and trousers, running suits, camouflage clothing, and others. Also, you can change the face appears to make your player look more fierce with beards and glasses. Choose what you like and select one of the class ranks from Assault, Recon, Engineer, and Heavy.
What is Scar Pubg?
Like in the Fortnite game after each kill you can select one of the dances like Drunk, Tribal dance, Push Up, Clown Wolk, and House dance to impress or make your enemies envy. When playing the game look fast for different scar nerf guns and ammunition, but always be on alert other players may be hiding behind walls or doors and are ready to kill you. When fighting other players make sure you take cover and always move and jump to get as little damage as possible. Join the Red or Blue team watch the minimap to see the exact locations of the scar zone. Use grenades to make more damage if you are fighting more than one player. Take advantage of cars, tanks, and all types of vehicles, use them to run over, and kill the other scar skin player. Get a sniper rifle and climb on buildings or the hills to have a better view of the scar island.
After playing a while go and choose another class, each one has different weapons and stats. See with one will feat your playstyle and be the last men standing to win the game. Enjoy this fun third-person 3D shooting game and try other similar epic multiplayer game like Polygonal Battlefield,, Fortnite Online China. Good luck and have fun!

Release Date   
January 2019
Updated On     09.06.2022

PC and Web browser.
The Scar game is developed by Roberto Mulas (aka Ciorbyn).
Tips and tricks:
  • Use different types of vehicles to run over and kill as many players without taking any damage.
  • In fights use grenades to get more damage.
  • Use the shift button to keep your payers always running and avoid taking damage.
  • If you are forced into close combat use the space button to roll and escape.
  • Awesome 3D realistic graphics with detailed maps, players, guns, and vehicles.
  • A fun battle royale game similar to PUBG.
  • Test 4 different classes like Assault, Recon, Engineer, and Heavy.
  • Cool taunt dances feature Drunk, Tribal dance, Push Up, Clown Wolk, and House.
  • You can drive many types of vehicles.
  • Large island maps with a lot of opportunities.
  • Play the game on servers from Europe, the USA, and Asia.
  • A large range of weapons.
  • Nice music and sounds.

More Information About Scar

Fun to play 3D action pack multiplayer game with realistic graphics and addicting game-play. That can be played online for free on Scar it's developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this fun scar fun battle royale and want to play more similar counter strike games play try this Galactic Force, Zombs Good luck and enjoy this scar game!
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This game was added in March 18, 2019 and it was played 10.7k times since then. Scar Pubg is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 3.97 / 5 de 191 votos.