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Strike Force Kitty

Strike Force Kitty game it's now free on!
If you like cat action-packed games, join in the first sequel of the strike force kitty unblocked game. Where one time, several foxes abducted the princess, who happened to be a cat, and the King of Cats swooped in to save her from certain death by swooping in on them. Also, in this strike force kitty game online, our hero cat successfully enlisted the help of four volunteers. Those brave kittens voluntarily and without hesitation agreed to carry out the king's orders without question. Their determination and confidence in their ability to save the princess from being captured by nefarious foxes have fueled their efforts this time around. Therefore, in the game Strike Force Kittens, you will take on the role of a commander in chief who will oversee the kitten strike force's operations. This mission requires you to travel deep into enemy territory, engage in battle with many foxes, navigate around various obstacles, and gather fish to complete it successfully.
About Strike Force Kitty?
In this strike force kitty cool math game for the kittens to level up as quickly as possible, you must collect as many fish as you can for them to consume. Increasing their health, attack, and speed stats will allow you to defeat them faster. Each member of the kitten squad is a unique fighter with a fantastic set of abilities, especially if he is also outfitted with inappropriate clothing and armed with appropriate weapons and equipment.
New Items in Strike Force Kitty?
New items and weapons will be awarded to you due to your battles against your opponents. As the game progresses, the ability to dress the kittens in extraordinary costumes that grant them bonuses in protection, healing, speed and other attributes will become available. Only four locations can be reached in the game, and at the end of each of them, our cat squad will be confronted by a massive boss, one of the fox generals, who will be waiting for them to finish the mission.
Tips and Tricks in Strike Force Kitty?
However, even though your kittens will be up against dozens of soldiers when the final boss appears, they will be able to deal with these evil monsters if you adhere to the game's instructions to the letter. You will soon become unstoppable if you continue to play, earn levels, and improve the characteristics of your kittens. As you defeat your opponents and collect the fish crackers that you come across while progressing through the map, you will accrue attribute points that you can use to improve the stats of your cats as you progress through the game. That means it's time to put those claws on the show! If you want to improve your statistics, you don't have to do it all yourself! Because they believe they are intelligent, the foxes are unaware that by defeating them, you will be able to collect their weapons and armour, which you can use to your advantage against them in the next battle. There are costumes from other series that they have borrowed for this occasion to make up their armour and shield. You shouldn't be alarmed if you happen to come across a fox that has been dressed in the likeness of Freddy Krueger.
How to defeat your opponents in Strike Force Kitty?
First, you must learn the best way to strike force kitty gameplay. As you defeat your opponents and collect the fish crackers that you come across while progressing through the map, you will earn attribute points that you can use to improve the stats of your cats! It's time to put those claws on display! You don't bear to do this independently if you want to improve your stats! Because they believe they are intelligent, the foxes do not realise that by defeating them, you can collect their weapons and armour, which you can then employ against them. Their armour is created of costumes from other series, which they have borrowed for the occasion. Don't be surprised if you come across a fox dressed in the likeness of Freddy Krueger.
Game Features in Strike Force Kitty:
There are a total of 80 costumes available for collection. Each costume piece and weapon makes a difference in one of the stats. Tell those overconfident foxes that they made the wrong choice in selecting the false princess to abduct! This one has a lot of kitty strength to it! You can find more StrikeForce Kitty games in our collection if you're interested in seeing what else these heroic felines get up to in their other adventures. Besides that, you can unblock and play in 4 unique worlds, battle against 4 challenging bosses, and forget about the 8 different abilities for each cat hero!

Where can you play Strike Force Kitty?
Since the game was updated from flash to Html5, you can play online for free with no download requirements. Strike Force Kitty unblocked here on!

Controls in Strike Force Kitty?
To play the ''Strike Force Kitty'' game online, use the mouse to navigate and select. There is an in-game tutorial with detailed instructions!

Date added    December 2015
It was updated on    20 April 2022 to the Https and html5 version of the game.

HTTPS Ready                Yes
Mobile Mode                No
Mobile Ready                No
Genre                             CatFighting, War, Platformer, Action, Kids, Cool Math, 1 Player, GAMES, WebGL, Html5, Unblocked.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

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More Information about Strike Force Kitty
Join the world of cats in a fun old-school platformer game and have fun with this fighting game with cats for free on The Strike Force Kitty game it's developed with flash-html5 technology that will allow the game to work perfectly in all browsers. If you like this game, make sure you other awesome cat war games online and have a blast. Good luck, and enjoy more similar Strike Force games here on!

To better understand the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Strike Force Kitty online here on

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