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The Bowling Club

Are you looking for a game bowling? To play with your friends online in a nice 2 player bowling challenge? Then here on, we give you The Bowling Club game, which is one of our selected abilities and bowling games for kids classified in our sports category with games offered free on our website. As you start this free online bowling game you can first adjust the language you want to play the game in. There are 20 different types of languages like English, French, Chinese, Nederland, Deutsch, and more. Also, you can go to the setting button to adjust the quality of the imagines, make sure you set them on high, and the frame rate set to smooth, to have the best experience with the game. Check the achievements and leaderboard to know what you need to do in the game to get a higher score. Also the level you can acquire as you play and win games! The game provides two game modes ''Play'' and ''Quick''. The Quick mode requires 100 gold pieces to be able to play it so make sure you try first the ''Play'' mode. As you play a few rounds and wins some gold you can spend it in the shop, where you can find powerful pinball made out of gold, Get some UNDO (moves), golden tickets, shooting stars effects, snake effects, and cannonball effects. In the game, you will be matched with an Ai, or if there are players available you will be randomly placed with people from all over the world. Golden balls have special abilities, meaning they are strong and can smash all the pins in one blow, then can be won as a reward after winning some games or by purchasing them from the shop. If you are at a disadvantage you have three gold pinballs in your inventory so make sure you use them to win the game easier. There is a setting of the game that can help you if you are a noob pinball player where you can set a line sideways of the platforms to keep the pinball on the track and hit some pins even if you have thrown the ball badly. Do your best to earn trophies, beat players in this epic fun free bowling game, and become the king of the Bowling Club. And also try other fun to play online bowling 3D games like Pro Bowling,3D Bowling, and Bowling Masters 3D. Have fun!

How to play
The Bowling Club!
To play the game just use the mouse to point and dash the ball with your finger. Depending on how fast or hard you throw the ball with your finger the pinball will move faster or slower. Also, you can throw the curving ball by flicking like a half circle to make the pinball spin a little bit. But it will be nice to through the pinball in the middle to smash into as many pins to knock them over and get as many points from one strike.

Release Date
Tuesday, Jun 04, 2019

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Sub Type              Javascript
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The Bowling Club was developed by Super Appli. But you can play the game online for free on along with many more similar bowling games app.
Web browser and on any mobile devices, tablets, and iPhones here on

  • Enjoy a fun 3D realistic free online bowling games.
  • Score system with local leaderboard and achievements.
  • You can play two game modes, Play and Quick.
  • A shop where you can buy balls, Undo moves, Tickets, and much more cool stuff to help you win the game.
  • You can play the game in 20 different languages.
  • You can adjust the image quality and the frame rating.
  • Https and mobile-ready.
  • Cool effects and easy controls.
  • Nice animations and fun to play.
More Information About The Bowling Club
It is one of the best bowling games unblocked with nice 3D graphics that can be played for free online on The Bowling Club it's developed with html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers and also on any mobile device. If you enjoyed this game make sure you try other bowling games for kids like Strike Ultimate Bowling. Good luck and have fun!


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This game was added in September 29, 2020 and it was played 1.6k times since then. The Bowling Club is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 3.77 / 5 de 13 votos.