Cómo jugar?

  • Use WASD to move and jump and ER for attack.

The Rise Of Chubtan

Mayan twin gods wake up each time Mayan age ends. They meet each other to fight for the Mayan souls for that era. Unable to harm each other, they must use whatever other means possible to win the fight. In earlier eras the fight has always been at Mayan central temple since all the Mayan people have lived close by, but during the fourth era people have migrated far and wide. Gods have to fight for their souls around the world with winner keeping the souls. Each arena is full of hazards and power-ups that will make the fight more intense and interesting.

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Información y estadísticas geniales

This game was added in August 04, 2015 and it was played 2.5k times since then. The Rise Of Chubtan is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 5.00 / 5 de 2 votos.